Outline Planning Application (ref: P12/V0299/0)

An outline planning application for the development of the former Grove Airfield was approved by the Vale of White Horse District Council in July 2017.

This approval followed a five year period of consultations and negotiations, since the application was first submitted in February 2012.

The description of the outline application is:

Outline application for residential development of about 2,500 dwellings with associated services and facilities including secondary school, primary schools, local centre (including uses falling within use classes A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, C2, D1 and D2), open space including community park, and the realignment of Denchworth Road to the south. 

In accordance with the Outline Planning Approval granted, all applications to discharge conditions or to bring forward reserved matters applications, must be submitted to the Vale of White Horse District Council. These applications will be considered by the Council and consulted upon. Details of all applications submitted can be found below:

Application to Discharge Condition 39 of Outline Planning Approval (ref: P17/V2764/DIS)

Details to discharge condition 39 pursuant to outline approval – P12/V0299/ O – Prior to the submission of the first reserved matters application for residential development details of sign (s) to be erected on land adjoining Denchworth Road (north) shall be submitted for approval in writing by the local planning authority. Such details shall include the construction details and information in respect of the use of the rail crossing north of the site. he sign(s) shall be erected prior to the first occupation of residential development.

Reserved Matters Application (ref: P17/V2753/RM)

Reserved matters approval for 191 dwellings including appearance, landscaping, layout and scale. The outline planning application was subject to EIA and was submitted to the planning authority at that time.

Reserved Matters Application (ref: P17/V2807/RM)

Phase 1 Infrastructure: Vehicular, Cycle and Pedestrian Connections to serve first phases of development including Public Open Space, Landscaping, SuDS and Ancillary Infrastructure.