Travelling By Bus

Public transport can offer a cost-effective alternative to travel by car, especially when you take into account the true costs of running a car; on top of the purchase costs, there’s fuel, tax, insurance, general maintenance and parking charges. It all adds up and with great deals on season tickets for bus and rail, there’s no better time to make the switch.

As part of the planning approval granted for Wellington Gate, a significant amount of money was secured in order to improve public transport connections within Grove and the new development. As further details of these plans emerge, they will be communicated via this website.

At present, and until those service improvements are introduced, the nearest bus services to Wellington Gate operate through the centre of Grove, just a short walk from the site. Bus services S8, 38 and BB4 all stop (in either direction) on Brereton Drive, with service S9 stopping on Main Street. Together these services provide connections through the week to destinations including Wantage, Abingdon, Marcham and Oxford.

For further information, including route details, timetables and journey planning tools, please see the links to the right.

Further Useful Links:

Bus Timetables

Stagecoach Gold S8

Wantage – Grove – Marcham – Abingdon – Oxford

Service S8, which stops on Brereton Drive, provides an hourly connection to destinations including Wantage and Oxford.

Download the timetable by clicking here.

Stagecoach Gold S9

Wantage – Grove – Oxford

Service S9, which stops on Main St in Grove, provides a half hourly connection through the day to destination including Wantage and Oxford.

Download the timetable by clicking here.

Thames Travel 38

Wantage – Grove

This circular service, which stops on Brereton Drive, provides an hourly connection between Wantage and Grove, Monday to Saturday.

Download the timetable by clicking here.

Thames Travel BB4

Grove – Wantage – Didcot Schools

This school service provides a connection between Grove and a number of schools found in Didcot.

Download the timetable by clicking here.

Online Journey Planner

The easiest way to plan a journey by public transport, is to use an online journey planner. Simply enter your journey start and end points, and the times you wish to travel, and the system will let you know which services will provide the most suitable option.

Oxfordshire County Council have provided an online journey planner: Click here

Stagecoach also offer their own journey planning facility (click here), however this only covers buses operated by Stagecoach.

Bus Route Maps

At present there is no network map illustrating all bus services within Oxfordshire, however both Stagecoach and Thames Travel have published network maps which shows the route of their bus services:

Stagecoach Network Map

Thames Travel Network Map

Tickets and Passes

How you buy your bus ticket, and the type of ticket you buy, will depend on which services you choose to use, and how frequent your journeys by bus are.

Bus operators now offer a range of ticketing options, from simple day tickets through to annual passes. They also have a range of solutions available which make it easier than ever to pay for bus journeys, including smart cards, contactless payment and mobile phone apps.

Stagecoach and Thames Travel, who operate the bus services that currently pass through Grove, both provide further information on their websites. See the links below:

> Stagecoach ticket options

> Thames Travel ticket options

Real Time Information

OxonTime provides real time bus information for services across Oxfordshire. Simply select your service and the stop you will be using, and the system will update you on when your bus is due.

Click here